Money Falling From the Sky

I'm in a park type area. I hear a helicopter overhead. It's a twin blade, like those the Army has. The doors open up and they drop a bunch of boxes. The boxes fall and hit the ground. They are cardboard so they break open. Inside are a bunch of clothes and personal belongings. The scenery changes and I'm inside a chapel with the boxes. I see money on and around the clothes and papers. I grab it worried someone might see me. I dig through more of the clothes and papers and realize these belong to the old man who died and is in the chapel. Nobody else is there, he was a veteran and died in a nursing home. I keep going through the boxes and I find his check book and box of checks. I also find his wallet. There's money in both. I take everything thinking I should destroy these items for him so someone doesn't steal his identity. I feel guilty about the money, but I put it in my pocket anyway. Andrew walks up and asks me what I'm doing.

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